Re: Q: Using less space for XE install?

From: Malcolm Dew-Jones <>
Date: 16 Jun 2009 17:19:07 -0700
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joel garry ( wrote:
: On Jun 16, 12:27=A0pm, (Malcolm Dew-Jones)
: wrote:
: > Hello
: >
: > I am installing XE. It says it needs 1.5 gigs of space. I know from
: > running the install some time ago on another computer that almost all tha=
: t
: > space is actually the data files, not the application itself, and I can't
: > imagine requring even a tenth of that space for my data so I would like t=
: o
: > setup much smaller data files.
: >
: > I wonder if anyone has suggestions for either of the following.
: >
: > -1- Is there any way to tell the XE install to setup smaller data files? =
: =A0
: > That would be ideal.
: >
: > I can probably get 1.5 gigs temporarily if necessary, so I could install
: > and then resize the data files after the install, but I don't know how to
: > do that.
: >
: > -2- Where is documentation to say how to decrease the data file sizes
: > after the XE install?
: >
: > Thanks, Malcolm Dew-Jones

: I have a newly installed XE, I run select sum(bytes) from
: dba_data_files and it tells me it's about 850M. select * from
: dba_data_files and I see (roughly):

: 100M for users
: 300M for sysaux
: 110M for undo
: 350M for system

: These are all autoextensible, so will grow as you use them. The

Yes, which is why installing with much smaller ones at first seems like a good idea when you don't anticipate using anyhere near that space. A few Mysql databases I use have well less than 10 megs total, so even if allocate 4 time that amount then I expect 40 megs of data.

: general syntax for shrinking is alter database datafile
: 'fullypatheddatafilename' resize NNNM; where NNN is the size you
: want. But if you have such space issues,

I don't normally consider having "only" a gig free to be to a "space issue". (grin)  

Thank, alter database, it's just something I don't use often - it is very easy to learn more of the commands you need once you get the entry point.

you probably want to turn
: autoextend off, then things will run out of space at random times
: unless you watch things real close or turn on EM alerts. To shrink a
: datafile, you can't go smaller than where data is actually in the
: datafile, and it is possible to have things near the end. Oracle
: won't let you shrink if that would lose something.

: No one ever said Oracle wasn't a hog, but disks for small systems are
: cheap these days.
: There may be ways to shrink the non-data parts of XE, but I wouldn't
: know about that. Maybe the XE forum on OTN would.

I recall the application files installed for XE when I did this last year were quite small compared to some other tools. It's just the data files that took most of the space.

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