Re: Q: Using less space for XE install?

From: joel garry <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 14:39:10 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jun 16, 12:27 pm, (Malcolm Dew-Jones) wrote:
> Hello
> I am installing XE. It says it needs 1.5 gigs of space. I know from
> running the install some time ago on another computer that almost all that
> space is actually the data files, not the application itself, and I can't
> imagine requring even a tenth of that space for my data so I would like to
> setup much smaller data files.
> I wonder if anyone has suggestions for either of the following.
> -1- Is there any way to tell the XE install to setup smaller data files?  
> That would be ideal.
> I can probably get 1.5 gigs temporarily if necessary, so I could install
> and then resize the data files after the install, but I don't know how to
> do that.
> -2- Where is documentation to say how to decrease the data file sizes
> after the XE install?
> Thanks, Malcolm Dew-Jones

I have a newly installed XE, I run select sum(bytes) from dba_data_files and it tells me it's about 850M. select * from dba_data_files and I see (roughly):

100M for users
300M for sysaux
110M for undo
350M for system

These are all autoextensible, so will grow as you use them. The general syntax for shrinking is alter database datafile 'fullypatheddatafilename' resize NNNM; where NNN is the size you want. But if you have such space issues, you probably want to turn autoextend off, then things will run out of space at random times unless you watch things real close or turn on EM alerts. To shrink a datafile, you can't go smaller than where data is actually in the datafile, and it is possible to have things near the end. Oracle won't let you shrink if that would lose something.

No one ever said Oracle wasn't a hog, but disks for small systems are cheap these days.

There may be ways to shrink the non-data parts of XE, but I wouldn't know about that. Maybe the XE forum on OTN would.


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The documentation is at, among others.  Alter
database is in the SQL Reference manual.
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