Re: I installed Oracle 11g in my home PC. I am trying to open the

From: Malcolm Dew-Jones <>
Date: 12 Jun 2009 11:56:16 -0700
Message-ID: <4a32a4d0$>

John Hurley ( wrote:
: On Jun 12, 12:50=A0pm, (Malcolm Dew-Jones)
: wrote:

: snip

: > Windows %ORACLE_HOME% must be new for 11g. =A0

: > set oracle_home=3D
: > for %%i in (%PATH%) do if %oracle_home%.=3D=3D. if exist %%i\sqlplus.exe =
: set

: Some operating systems are more sensitive to case ( lower/upper ) than
: other ones.

uh, yes, but the above is for Windows which doesn't care about case.

I have never seen an oracle install on windows which resulted in an environment variable called ORACLE_HOME being available (upper or lower case). If you wish to write a general purpose batch file that runs on Windows that references the oracle home then it has to find it itself.

The one environment variable that is always set up by the Windows oracle install is PATH, and the home can be determined from that.

The things installed by Oracle in Windows (batch files, short cuts, etc) all have the path hard coded into them.

Anyway, perhaps that has changed in 11g. Received on Fri Jun 12 2009 - 13:56:16 CDT

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