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From: Serge Rielau <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 10:34:03 +0200
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Bob Jones wrote:
> For high availability, "shared nothing" is a no no. Plus Gridscale is not
> from IBM so you have to deal with 2 vendors.
Where did I mention shared nothing?
The relationship between IBM and xkoto is pretty tight. They are literally only a subway token away
xKoto basically drives two (or more) replicas of the database. (similar to a RAC or Dataguard assuming you have true HA on your disk).

HADR (somewhat similar to Dataguard) gives you HA with few seconds failover time and near zero extra admin skills needed. That's used for most SAP systems on DB2.

And then of course there is the SYSPLEX on z/OS


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