Re: Embed a string in a string

From: Walt <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 09:35:39 -0400
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> Hi,
> I have a stored procedure that builds a query string as it goes
> through its code. So I pass in a where statement as a long string
> with a few criteria in it. Then I build some temporary tables and
> build other parts of the where statement as I go along.
> At one point I need to build a few AND statements but one of them
> contains a comparison of a string. Can someone tell me please how I
> embed a string within a string in sql. A small piece of very
> simplified code is below. The word MEZZ should be in quotation
> marks. Can anyone tell me how I can get it into quotation marks? The
> error I’m getting at the moment is “Invalid column name 'MEZZ'”.
> declare _at_WarehouseSQL nvarchar(100)
> select _at_WarehouseSQL = ' select distinct rqpropno
> from vi_MAItems where val_lvl <> MEZZ '

You just need to escape the single quotes - this is accomplished by putting two single quotes together.

For example:

   Select * from mytable where name = 'foo'

would be expressed as

   'Select * from mytable where name = ''foo'''

I can't help you with the rest of it; it sounds rather convoluted...

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