Re: Installing and Uninstalling Oracle 11g

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Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 09:51:26 -0700 (PDT)
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> I intend to install RAC. I'd like to use Oracle Clusterware on
> solaris. I have two systems, one is a dual cpu the other is a single
> cpu, they both satisfy the requirements of standalone oracle
> installation(operating system, ram, etc). I am assuming that I ought
> be able to install clusterware on them, and yes, RAC. Hopefully I do
> not need two, or more, "identical systems".
> Kartik Vashishta

Have fun Kartik.

Along with the free oracle documentation for installing RAC I highly recommend that you spend a bunch of time checking out and following some of the fully developed tutorials for installing configuring and testing RAC by Jeffrey Hunter.

You can find his website at ...

Before you get into the more difficult area of installing RAC across multiple servers ( where you need something for shared disk ) you might try Jeff's guide for a complete RAC install onto 1 server using vmware.

It requires only a modest machine with 2 gig of RAM ... once you have tried and completed something like that you may be ready to keep experimenting.

The article that notes how to do this is ...Create an Oracle RAC 10g Release 2 using VMware Workstation 5 - (CentOS 4.4) Received on Mon Jun 01 2009 - 11:51:26 CDT

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