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From: helter skelter <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 10:21:52 +0200
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I've got simple scheduler chain with 4 steps: start step_1, after some time start step_2 when step_1 and step2 are 'succeeded' then start step_3 when step_3 'succeeded' then start step_4 when all steps are 'completed' then END.

Yesterday step_3 has failed, so I fix errors and 'alter running chain....' to run this step again. Everything was fine, but when all steps has completed, chains was still hanging in dba_scheduler_running_chains.
All steps were 'completed' and 'succeeded'. Job has completed succesfully and has been scheduled for the next run...but it didn't run.

Chains is still hanging in dba_scheduler_running_chain with all steps 'completed' and 'succeeded' and job is not starting anymore.

I have tried eveluate_running_chain, but it says "chain is not running" Disable, enable didn't help either.
When there is no errors in chains, everything is OK. I can run it manually by dbsm_scheduler.run_job but it's not a good option for me. It has happend few times lately with the same scenario - am I missing something ?

thanks, and sorry for me english :)


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