Re: New Disk Setup

From: <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 04:55:57 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 28, 5:34 am, wrote:
> I've got to shift our OLTP production database onto a new server which
> has 8 disks.
> The layout I've got at the moment is the following.
> Please feel free to flame me if you like but I was wondering if I'm
> being overly cautious with mirroring and should use striping/
> mirroring.
> Any suggestions for modifications gratefully received.
> 1 + 2 RAID-1
> OS
> 3 + 4 RAID-1
> Datafiles
> Control file
> 5 + 6 RAID-1
> Archived Redo Logs
> Control file
> 7 + 8 RAID-1
> Oracle Software
> Control file
> Backups

Well if you have a system with modest IO requirements almost anything will work.

You don't give any details about what kind of server or disks or operating system or oracle version or if you are going to use ASM etc. No information on what "kind" of backups either. Does your os support asynchronous writes? Are you planning on using RAW or using a cooked file system?

With 8 disks available you are not going to get to get a lot of choices or performance.

How about RAID 1 for disks 1/2 and put the OS + oracle software over there.

Disks 7/8 for archive logs and backups in RAID 1. You really don't want rman disk based backups writing to the same disks that the operating system is on ... that's guaranteed to cripple performance.

That give you a whole 4 disks to work from eh?

For many OLTP systems especially if they are commit happy the IO performance of the oracle online logs ( which you appear to have left out of your original description ) is critical. How are you planning on meeting those requirements? Received on Thu May 28 2009 - 06:55:57 CDT

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