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From: Jeremy <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 17:28:42 +0100
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In article <0a2ebcbe-fa05-4d5a-b619-a0f7e83dd895>, says...> >
> > Thanks for the info, though I hope our environment is simpler - there is
> > no client (per se) as it is simply XHTML -> browser - so the data
> > presented to the user is always generated by PL/SQL in the database.
> > There is no Java layer in there either. Does that simplify things for
> > me?
> >
> Probably. Do the research. One way or another you'll have to know
> where the client is coming from, or hope they understand GMT. It may
> be as simple as presenting them with a persistent setup for them to
> choose. I would be concerned about not being on a recent patchset.

We are elsewhwere, though this is just a dev database.

We can setup for each user the timezone or say a GMT offset so that's not really a problem. It's really just a case of understanding (I think) whether e.g.


will give a value of +2 in the summer and +1 in the winter...if not then we need to know whether at "sysdate" whether we are running in daylight savings mode so that we know whether to, in apps code, compensate by +/- 1 hour.

Many thanks for your comments.

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