Re: Big icons in OAS 10g

From: Kike <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 23:41:27 +0200
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I didn't think about a problem related to different browsers. I use Firefox at home (where the icons are enlarged); every Forms app crashes when starting with Explorer (so I can't test it); and Chrome doesn't find an appropiate plug-in to start. And, at work, I use Explorer (with the correct icons), because I have no other possibility (policy restrictions). I expect that be the problem, because I need to run the app in a computer throught Explorer :-(

Thanks a lot for both of you.

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> Kike schreef:
>> Thanks a lot, Shakespeare. But it's not a problem related to the JAR
>> file, because I have installed this morning my application in other
>> machine, and the icons shows ok. It's strange... I don't remember to have
>> changed anything about that.
> Ok. Then you might want to look whether the browser is in some 'zoomed in'
> state. Do they both use the same browser (brand and version)?
> Shakespeare
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