Re: Big icons in OAS 10g

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 10:59:51 +0200
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Shakespeare schreef:
> Kike schreef:

>> Hello.
>> Now I can see icons in execution-time, in a Forms application with OAS
>> 10g rel. 2; but I have realized that these icons are... too big. I
>> mean: in developing-time, that icons are seen correctly. But, when
>> executing at OAS, they are about 2x the original size, so I can only
>> see the central area of each icon. Where do I can configure it?
>> Thank you so much.
>> Best regards.
> Create a .jar with smaller icons or use larger buttons....
> I think to recall that the development environment does not use the .jar 
> file, so you actually have two sets of icons.
> Shakespeare

How to create a new .jar for your icons is described in

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