Archive logs removal question

From: Richard <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 08:29:20 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

This should be fairly common question I hope. I like to know if it is safe to remove these old archive log files. Oracle is 9i RAC (2 nodes dr_1,dr_2). It seems to tell me oldest log is 1086. So I can remove anything up to and including "....1086.arc" ? It also has 2 directory locations. Please help a newbie. Thank you in advance.

SQL> archive log list

Database log mode              Archive Mode
Automatic archival             Enabled
Archive destination            /oracle/product/92/oradata/archive2
Oldest online log sequence     1086
Next log sequence to archive   1087
Current log sequence           1087

SQL>   1* select 'rm '||substr(name,1,50) from v$archived_log where completion_time < (sysdate - 10 ) order by 1 SQL> / 'RM'||SUBSTR(NAME,1,50)

rm /oracle/product/92/dbs/dr/archive1/dr1_1_1066.arc rm /oracle/product/92/dbs/dr/archive1/dr1_1_1067.arc
rm /oracle/product/92/dbs/dr/archive1/dr1_1_1077.arc
rm /oracle/product/92/dbs/dr/archive1/dr1_2_1452.arc
rm /oracle/product/92/dbs/dr/archive1/dr1_2_1453.arc


rm /oracle/product/92/dbs/dr/archive1/dr1_2_1463.arc rm /oracle/product/92/oradata/archive2/dr1_1_1065.arc

rm /oracle/product/92/oradata/archive2/dr1_1_1077.arc rm /oracle/product/92/oradata/archive2/dr1_2_1452.arc

rm /oracle/product/92/oradata/archive2/dr1_2_1463.arc

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