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Date: Sun, 03 May 2009 07:13:23 +0200
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On Sat, 2 May 2009 19:12:38 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

>I am using Oracle on Windows XP.
>Flahsback archive
>I have created a flashback archive with retention time of 1 month.
>Table t is in this fb archive.
>1. Now if I change retention time of the fb archive to 1 day, will it
>apply to already inserted data, or it applies only to new data. I
>think it applies to old data as well, bust just checking.
>2. I am looking in dba_flashback_archive_tables, It shows a history
>table SYS_FBA_HIST_70224.
>But when I do select * from SYS_FBA_HIST_70224, table is not found. I
>looked under dba_tables as well, TBALE is not shown, yet it is shown
>in dba_flashback_archive_tables. Where is this table?

1 Questions like this one can be answered in several ways - by a bit of logical thinking
- by testing it on a test database, and check the outcome

Sadly, you have never done neither. Even worse, you seem to have changed your strategy. You seem to post all of your queries a) anonymously on OTN
b) when the answer doesn't arrive quickly enough or sometimes at the same time, on Usenet, using your nick 'zigzagdna' You must qualify easily as the DBA who tries spend as little time as possible on resolving his own questions and dumping it in volunteer forums always.
Evidently you are a big nuisance, and I wouldn't have responded but for your annoying change of strategy. STOP IT. Either start doing, for the first time in your life, your own work, or limit your doc questions to 1 forum. I can recall your handle and your posting style on OTN, so I will ignore you.

2 Did you check the definition of the view dba_flashback_archive_tables? Do you requre someone else to find out the definition? Why? Does Flashback work? So why do you even care?

Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA
Received on Sun May 03 2009 - 00:13:23 CDT

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