Re: Configuring icons with OAS 10g (Forms application)

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 01 May 2009 14:37:03 +0200
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Shakespeare schreef:
> Kike schreef:
>> Only another question...
>> I have my JAR file. Where do I must put it? Which configuration files 
>> do I need to change, and which line in? If there is an easy answer, 
>> you would help me a lot :-)
>> My OAS home is "C:\Oracle\FRHome_1", and my forms are configured to be 
>> (and they works fine) in "D:\Forms\controlobj".
>> Thanks!

> Look where your other jar's are, and put it there too. Unfortunately, I
> do not have a Forms Server install at my disposal right now...
> Shakespeare

I checked it on another Forms server:

In your formsweb.cfg file, you'll have an entry like archive=frmall.jar, .....

and edit it to
archive=frmall.jar,....,MyIcons.jar <-- your jar filename here)

Locate frmall.jar and put your file in the same directory.

You should already have an entry

in the same file.

This should do....

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