Re: Configuring icons with OAS 10g (Forms application)

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 19:48:59 +0200
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Shakespeare schreef:
> Kike schreef:

>> Hello,
>> I'm getting desperate with the OAS 10g configuration. I'm tring to
>> install a Forms & Reports 10g application, and I'm having no problems
>> with the forms & reports. But, I'm not able to see the icons (gif
>> format) in runtime. I haven't got any problem to see them in
>> developing-time, but I can't see them later, with the application
>> running.
>> I've been reading a lot of documents about this, but nothing works.
>> I've tried to map a virtual directory named "icons" to a physical one
>> also named "icons", inside the main application folder. I've tried to
>> pack the icons to a JAR file, and adding it to the classpath in the
>> configuration file. Nothing :-(
>> Any idea? Can anybody explain it to me step-by-step, please? I've got
>> installed the Oracle Forms & Reports Services 10g Application Server.
>> Thanks a lot.
>> Best Regards,
>> Kike.
> You need to put them in a jar file and put that on your server. There is 
> a default .jar file (iirc it's icons.jar) available with as 10g. Must be 
> on this forum somewhere, question was answered here not too long ago. 
> Search for "codebase" and "imagebase".
> Shakespeare

Got it. Look in, 5 jan 2009:

Q: 10GR2 icons imageBase=DocumentBase

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