Re: Completely unsupported, I know (RAC 11g on a laptop)

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:45:28 -0500
Message-ID: <ibPJl.28708$>

Palooka wrote:
> wrote:
>> On Apr 27, 8:29 pm, Palooka <> wrote:
>>> I am trying (for self educational purposes) to install RAC (11g) on a
>>> laptop using VMware with two guest clients (CentOS5 masquerading as
>>> RHEL5) in a cluster.
>>> Does anyone have an idea what the minimum physical RAM is on the host?
>>> I have 2GB, so when I try to allocate 1GB each to the nodes it gets a
>>> bit unstable. However, if I allocate 512M to each guest, their OS is
>>> perfectly stable, but there does not seem to be sufficient resource to
>>> start the ASM instances successfully.
>>> I think I need to upgrade the laptop to 4GB physical RAM before this
>>> will work. What is the opinion of the panel?
>> Well instead of just guessing one alternative is to search around a
>> little and see what other people have documented and proven.
>> Jeffrey Hunter has one of the best sites for complete documented
>> Oracle examples including a ton of RAC work using various
>> techniques ... see
>> He has a VM environment of some type using one 2 gig machine ( think
>> it was 10g not 11g ) ...
>> Create an Oracle RAC 10g Release 2 using VMware Workstation 5 -
>> (CentOS 4.4)

> Thank you for the helpful advice. Actually I had searched around more
> than a little, and had studied the Oracle documentation. I was just
> seeking some practical advice, for which I thank the other posters.
> I am going to go for the memory upgrade (assuming my laptop will support
> it), so as to improve the performance a bit.
> However, the good news is that I am almost there, in advance of the
> memory upgrade:
> daddy_at_daddy-laptop:~$ ssh oracle_at_redhat1
> oracle_at_redhat1's password:
> Last login: Tue Apr 28 21:30:54 2009 from daddy-laptop
> [oracle_at_redhat1 ~]$ crs_stat -t
> Name Type Target State Host
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> ora....C1.inst application ONLINE ONLINE redhat1
> ora....C2.inst application ONLINE ONLINE redhat2
> ora.MOJRAC.db application ONLINE ONLINE redhat1
> ora....SM1.asm application ONLINE ONLINE redhat1
> ora....T1.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE redhat1
> ora....at1.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE redhat1
> ora....at1.ons application ONLINE ONLINE redhat1
> application ONLINE ONLINE redhat1
> ora....SM2.asm application ONLINE ONLINE redhat2
> ora....T2.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE redhat2
> ora....at2.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE redhat2
> ora....at2.ons application ONLINE ONLINE redhat2
> application ONLINE ONLINE redhat2
> [oracle_at_redhat1 ~]$ cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal
> MemTotal: 515444 kB
> [oracle_at_redhat1 ~]$
> Palooka

Just curious, but what are you using for "shared storage" for the OCR/Voting devices and how do you have it configured? Received on Tue Apr 28 2009 - 21:45:28 CDT

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