Re: Speculations on oracle buying sun

From: Noons <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 15:38:52 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Apr 26, 9:25 am, wrote:
> On Apr 23, 2:04 am, Mladen Gogala <>
> wrote:
> snip
> > > Narh.  HP is too big now. Bigger than IBM.  Logical candidate would
> > > therefore be for M$ to buy IBM.
> > Well, that would be hillarious! MS began as the vendor of the OS for IBM
> > "intelligent terminals" and a small time Unix vendor.
> I haven't done any digging around but I have to think IBM is bigger in
> overall revenue than HP.  Services and consulting etc is just huge for
> them.  HP is trying hard to get into the services and consulting but
> as far as I know they are way behind IBM in that area.
> Nuno you got some references to back your claim that HP is bigger than
> IBM or are you thinking in specific categories or what?

Like I said before to another person: look it up. This comes up in a simple google search: why is it that folks refuse to do a simple search?

Anyways: who cares? IBM is IT history, their products just can't survive for much longer. Even their software is cactus, nowadays. Received on Sun Apr 26 2009 - 17:38:52 CDT

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