Re: Check for no more than two entries of each value in a column?

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:45:31 -0500
Message-ID: <vppHl.25148$>

livefreeordie wrote:
> On Apr 20, 2:45 pm, joel garry <> wrote:

>> On Apr 18, 5:04 am, livefreeordie <> wrote:
>>> Wow thanks for all the suggestions. I understood about 20% of what
>>> you all said - I believe I'll go with the materialized view. Will
>>> this work in Oracle 8?
>>> Jamie
>> Yes, but not all the options mentioned earlier are available. You
>> need to understand it 100%, and it can be a bit daunting at first if
>> you have no DBA help available. The fact you are asking about 8 is a
>> very bad sign. If it is not or later (IIRC, there were later
>> minor patches for specific issues), also called the terminal release,
>> you are asking for trouble, and even there you are asking for
>> trouble. Probably a good thing you didn't mention the version at the
>> beginning, you would likely have gotten no help at all. You need to
>> always be specific about versions so people can give good answers.
>> You might want to download XE to your PC and do this in Apex. Then you
>> can make it so pretty with so little effort you can get people to fix
>> your version problem.
> Yeah unfortunately I'm just a "user" on someone else's Oracle server.
> The company I work for is extremely slow to upgrade versions for fear
> of breaking stuff.
> Jamie

If the system has sensitive corporate finance or credit-card data, being out of date can cause you fines in excess of 25K/month (depending on the company of course...)

Breaking it would be the least of your worries to be so far out of date. Received on Tue Apr 21 2009 - 14:45:31 CDT

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