Re: Speculations on oracle buying sun

From: Geoff Muldoon <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 11:38:07 +1000
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hpuxrac says...
> Certainly the java software may have been part of the appeal.
> How about the operating system ... will that mean anything at all?
> Perhaps there is actually a chance that oracle will now ship
> patchset and for Solaris x86 64 ... maybe. That was supposed
> to be here "any month" for a very very long time.
> My guess is that the other database thing ( is that MySQL ? ) may have
> been a factor if Sun is still controlling that software ... but isn't
> someone taking a fork of MySQL in another direction already ( away
> from Sun ? )?
> Compared to some of the many many acquisitions that oracle has made
> over the last years this move has many possible angles it will be
> interesting to see if and what impact is made on the oracle on linux
> evangelism.

My musings ...

The #1 reason for the acquisition was almost certainly Java, already the core of almost all Oracle middleware.

The diversification into hardware (an old stable of Sun) is a significant shift for Oracle who have never before been in the hardware market. Maybe they will divest and sell off this section? Or will they do a complete stack strategy?

The acquisition of Solaris gives Oracle their own proprietory O/S. What will happen to Oracle's "Unbreakable Linux"? Will it be dropped in favour of Solaris becoming the free-to-install, pay-for-support preferred Oracle platform? Might they even do a "home" desktop version for Ellison to use in his private war with Gates.

OpenOffice as part of the deal is not to be sneezed at. Look for the desktop integration opportunities.

MySQL has two arms, the community GPL version (will Oracle continue to support this or will it fork, rumour is that many key developers had already left Sun?) and the pay-for-commercial-use enterprise version. Will this merge with OracleXE as "Oracle Lite" in an attack on the bottom end MSSQL/Access market?

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