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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:21:58 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 16, 8:17 am, wrote:
> On 16 Apr, 15:42, wrote:
> > Michael you have helped a lot of people answering questions here.
> > You always have the choice of just scrolling by and not replying.
> > Questions in a newsgroup like this tend to get "selected out" and ones
> > that ( perhaps ) do not deserve a reply you are free to ignore.
> > There is unfortunately a long standing tradition here in cdos ( from
> > some of the frequent posters many of them who now appear to have moved
> > on for the most part )  to insult people that post questions.  Not
> > such a good tradition in my mind at least.
> John,
> By your own admission, Michael answers a lot of questions in the group
> and is frequently helpful.  Perhaps the tone of his reply to this
> particular OP may say more about the level of questions being asked,
> rather than Michael's "inability" to "scroll on by".
> Just a thought :)
> -g

I don't really address this in the mini-faq, and I'm not sure how I would. Obviously Michael has a point, it's abusive using this group as a personal tutorial. And yet, each post pretty much follows posting guidelines, it's only in the aggregate that they become annoying. We've seen this a few times - and it may be that having a bulldog attitude could be a good trait in a budding DBA or developer, bad as it looks online.

I guess the answer is we have to use group dynamics to deal with this case-by-case. In the past, some major posters have picked up on these types of posters very rapidly (sometimes because they were already familiar with them elsewhere), to the point where most everyone else thinks they are just too harsh on newbies - that was a reason I wrote the mini-faq in the first place.

I'll leave this out of the mini-faq unless someone has a good suggestion as to how I might address it.

I'm not convinced the lack of feedback from people scrolling on by will produce desired results. Sometimes you have to get the mule's attention. Yet a gang-faq can scare away people who simply need to learn the milieu. No good answer, though a partial answer is spelling out the rules simply and clearly. Yet again, many of us are here _because_ of the lack of enforceable rules.


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