Re: WE8ISO8859P1 convert to AL32UTF8 unicode character set question

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 11:01:31 +0200
Message-ID: <756fc$49e5a26b$524b9d64$>

lsllcm wrote:
> 1. create one db with characterset WE8MSWIN1252, and insert data, and
> convert it.
> 2. create one db with characterset WE8ISO8859P1, and insert data, and
> alter database characterset to WE8MSWIN1252. Then convert it.
> Thanks
> Jacky

No need for that - a database stores whatever you throw at it. I can store "special" characters in a US7ASCII database. And retrieve them.

Provided the tool set cat actually display your "special" characters...


Frank van Bortel
Received on Wed Apr 15 2009 - 04:01:31 CDT

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