Re: very important for your life, presuming you feed on SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM

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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 06:23:45 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 31, 7:06 am, "" <> wrote:
> very important for your life of the SPAMMINATOR...
> Excuse you!!
> Would you stop for a moment for this crap?!
>'t you thought-one day- about yourself ? I do -- all the time -- so I SPAM AND SPAM AND SPAM and make all sorts of money trashing newsgroups!!!!
> Who has made it? Dude, I have!!! And I make it every time I SPAM some newsgroup!!!! YOU can do it, TOO!!!!!
> Have you seen a design which hasn't a designer ?! YES!!! It's SPAM!!!!!
> Have you seen a wonderful,delicate work without a worker ?! YES!!! It's SPAM!!!!!!!
> It's you and the whole universe OF SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
> Who has made them all ?!! The SPAM jockeys just like ME!!!!! YOU can join in!!!!!
> You know who ?.. It's the guy who signs my checks, praise be to him!!!!!!!
> Just think for a moment.
> How are you going to be after death ?! If you're like ME you'll be REVILED for trashing newsgroups!!! But, hey, it's worth it to make TONS of money spreading crap!!!
> Can you believe that this exact system of the universe and all of
> these great creation will end in in nothing...just after death! Or before, if you join ME and SPAM, SPAM, SPAM until you can SPAM no more!!!!!
> Have you thought, for a second, How to SPAM everyone with no effort???
> Haven't you thought about what is the right religion?! SPAMMERTERIAN is the ONLY choice!!!!!!!!!
> Read ... and think deeply before you answer.. because you need to be DEEP in the stuff for SPAM!!!!
> It is religion of SPAM!!!!!!!
> It is the religion that money had been sent by.
> It is the religion that the right Bible- which is not distorted-has
> preached -- the Bible of the BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!
> Just have a look.
> Don't be emstional.
> Be rational and judge..
> Just then judge and say your word.
> Then join ME is flinging SPAM all over the Internet!!!!! The money is YOURS for the taking, just FLOOD everyplace with SPAM, JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!
> Yippee!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!! SPAM!!!! SPAM!!!!! SPAM!!!!! There ain't nothin' like it!!!!!!!!
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