Re: what tool for debugging web toolkit output

From: Bobby Z. <>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 01:49:48 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Mar 28, 3:02 am, swibble <> wrote:
> I wrote a form using the pl/sql web toolkit. The form fields and the
> form handler parameters all appear to match up. It compiles all right
> but when I run it in a browser and click the submit button, I get an
> HTTP 404 error.
> Does anyone have any suggestions what might be wrong or how to debug
> it?
> Is there a better way to debug this in a browser type environment so I
> can see why it isn't getting to my form handler?
> Thanks, -Greg-

Yes, configure your DAD with

PlsqlErrorStyle DebugStyle

parameter (in dads.conf, restart of OHS is required for this change to take effect.) With this parameter in place, mod_plsql will output detailed debugging printout if it encounters an unhandled exception anywhere in the request processing pipeline. In particular, you will see missing arguments, exceptions thrown in your procedure, etc. Default for PlsqlErrorStyle is ModplsqlStyle, which forces 404 reply whenever mod_plsql encounters an exception while processing the request. If you don't have this parameter in your DAD section, simply add it.


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