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From: Syltrem <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 16:10:52 -0400
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> Hi
> I want to create a user-defined metric to return some value for specific
> targets (disks).
> The script would do its thing and return the result as "em_result=1234".
> My problem is that the same script is used to do the processing on all
> target disks. How can I pass it a parameter (the name of the disk it needs
> to process) ?
> I just can't see how to do this in the doc.
> Oracle 10.2 on OpenVMS
> Thanks
> --
> Syltrem
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> franšais)

Or can a script return many lines like:
print "em_result=200\nem_message=Disk usage is high\n" and have one line output for each disk ?

Also, it looks like it`s not possible to create a user-defined metric that can return many columns like this one that comes out-of-the-box :

      Mount Point Filesystem Filesystem Size (MB) Filesystem Space Available (%)

      _$1$DGA10: ALPHAVMS 40960.00 33.87
      _$1$DGA11: IA64VMS 20480.00 8.84

As far as I can see it can only return 1 value and also cannot be entered in a category (the one above is categorized as "filesystems" in Grid Control when I look into All Metrics, and is called "Filesystem Size (MB)".

Or I'm really missing something.

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