Re: RMAN Error

From: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 09:05:33 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Mar 25, 11:41 am, John Schaeffer <> wrote:


> > Do you have appropriate cross checking in place before the deletes?
> Hmm....maybe not?
> run {
> allocate channel d1 type disk;
> backup validate database archivelog all;
> backup incremental level 1 cumulative database
> format '/backup/oracle/daily/ora_%M%D%Y_NI00_%p%s'
> tag daily_backup
> plus archivelog format '/backup/oracle/daily/archive/arc_%M%D%Y_NI00_%p
> %s' delete input;
> restore database validate;
> delete noprompt obsolete;
> delete noprompt expired backup;
> }

I am not a big fan myself of mixing backup related stuff with the delete processing ... not convinced this is involved in your problem but symptom seems to be from a delete? ... so not unconvinced either.

You might want to consider pulling the delete logic out of this script and front ending the script that will do the delete's with some cross checks before it.

run {
allocate channel d1 type disk;
crosscheck copy;
crosscheck backup of database;
crosscheck backup of controlfile;
crosscheck archivelog all;

/* maybe some delete's in here now ... */

release channel d1;

Personally I like to separate out delete expired functionality from delete obsolete also ... ( in separate runs ). Received on Wed Mar 25 2009 - 11:05:33 CDT

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