Re: Joining two disparate tables

From: Palooka <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 19:23:41 +0000
Message-ID: <%kRxl.152810$PT2.59637_at_newsfe11.ams2> wrote:
> I have 4-5 tables joined to do a query from multiple tables with the
> number of rows in those tables ranging from 10^5 to 10^7. Though I
> already take a severe performance hit, I had stated that as a
> limitation in my product and the customer lived with it and also the
> response time wasn't really critical at that time.
> Now, my problem is that the range of records has been widened
> (primarily because of 1 table I was joining earlier) and the new range
> of number of records is 10^2 to 10^7 and I still do the same join and
> my response time requirements are more stringent than before.
> I am using OCI to connect to the database and my question is whether
> there is a way to avoid the join on the table having just 100 rows and
> does my assumption that having a higher range of records really affect
> the performance of the query.
> I hope what I have stated makes good sense for you to respond.
> Thanks in advance.

As others have provided an excellent start, I have nothing much to add, except this:

I recommend you get another email address - or at least change the 'from' line in your posts. I am about to bozo bin all gmail posts, due to the amount of spam, and it is quite likely that others are considering/have considered the same.

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