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Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 17:33:55 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 9, 1:16 pm, 2005 <> wrote:
> I am deciding on a database sw for a future startup.
> Which one is better?
> Also what would it cost for Oracle?  Is this subscription or one time
> pay?

It kinda depends on what you are doing. With mysql, there are plenty of kids who do "interesting" things. At some point, you get into scalability issues.

Oracle's big strengths are scalability and concurrency issues. If all you are doing is trying to serve up pretty pictures to get VC money, mysql is probably for you. If you are doing serious transactional work like you want to be the next Amazon, Oracle is probably for you.

Oracle licensing lets you develop prototypes for free, and even have small databases free for production use (see Oracle XE), but you'll be paying big bucks when you get to serious transaction levels. You can get some idea of the costs from the Oracle store, but you may want to talk to a salesperson about discounts after you've established what kind of scale you are talking about.

I've seen the "free" db's turn very expensive when they get successful and wind up needing dozens of programmers to do what they could have done just spending the money on off the shelf apps. I've also seen startups with stars in their eyes spend way more than they need to on Oracle and hardware, all obsolete by the time they fail. It's very difficult to plan for capacity when you don't know what will happen, the scalability issue can become very important.

Most startups fail.

Good luck.


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