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From: Jeremy <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 16:15:13 -0000
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> Jeremy,
> the Oracle edition, it's just the way it works, so you definitely
> should give it a try.

Thanks for the infor on that, it supports more than just querying though? I mean document updates to the underlying table can be performed at the same time? We will do some tests.

> REBUILD optimization builds a new $I table while
> still keeping current available for querying, and then switches old
> and new tables, so you should have enough space in the index
> tablespace to accommodate about twice the size of $I + $X for the
> duration of the optimization.

Makes absoulte sense. have just been reading about it here: 01/text.102/b14218/cddlpkg.htm#CCREF0638

> As of memory, the docs say that the larger amount you give the lower
> is index fragmentation and the faster it builds. If you can afford
> giving, say, 360M of RAM for the index build, this might be sufficient
> to fit the whole index in memory and fragmentation right after the
> build should be minimal (at least in theory.) I didn't conduct
> extensive tests on how much MEMORY parameter really affects
> fragmentation and indexing speed though, so can't say for sure.

Thanks, will experiment with larger memory settings and assess the impact.

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