Re: Creating Oracle Text Indexes

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 15:45:23 -0000
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> hi Jeremy
> You should create a db job and optimize your index. There are several ways
> to do that, try google text dbms_job optimize and you will find some
> answers.
> Oracle has some undocumentet unsupporteded features !? in older version you
> could optimize the index online in standard edt.

We are on - you say "undocumented unsupported" ?

> Never drop/recrate in production your maxmem size will never could do it
> better than optimize.

Could you elaborate?

> In our environment dr$ .. $i sometimes contains 100 mill records (poor ocr)
> And text/intermedia isent google when you combine with your master table.
> In our application we have a max hit value beside value for wildcard
> maxterm,
> exec ctx_ddl.optimize_index('ifs_text', 'FAST');
> exec ctx_ddl.optimize_index('ifs_text', 'FULL', maxtime);

OK am looking into the detail of this.


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