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From: Palooka <>
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 00:19:33 +0000
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>>> We have production box on 10g R2 on Linux system. One Mview refresh
>>> job which refreshes bunch
>>> of mviews takes normally 10 hours. It is 3 TB database. But sometime
>>> this jobs take 15 hours or more.
>>> I agree that this should look from performance tuning prospective but
>>> at this time I am looking for idea to track the speed of this refresh.
>>> The jobs which refresh is one Oracle Seeded program which I can not
>>> edited. Is there a way to know how much time it spends in refreshing
>>> one particular Mview.
>>> So, that I can trace down that this Mview is taking much time than un-
>>> usual. I would also note down some timing baselines.
>>> I could not find this straight forward view for this. View got timings
>>> when it was last refreshed.
>>> Your reply would be appreciated. I am looking for which mview is
>>> being refreshed curently and when it started and completed.
>> Easy.
>> Hire a competent DBA.
> One choice is always to just scroll on by if you don't feel like
> taking a stab at helping someone.
> It pays the same either way.

Mladen is right. You do have the patience of a saint, and I wish you well.

But why do you give free advice to the $30 OCPs?

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