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From: Palooka <>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 23:41:37 +0000
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Solomon_Man wrote:
> All,
> I have been assigned to evaluate the TimesTen in memory database
> software.
> Please note I am not a DBA but I do have quite a bit of systems
> knowledge.
> From what I have seen I have not been that impressed based on the
> price point and some of the issues I have read about.
> Such as
> 1. You can easily get resource contention (CPU, memory, I/O) between
> oracle and TimesTen. This can hurt TimesTen performance (and Oracle
> performance). So we can get around alot of this by putting the
> TimesTen Databases on another Box. This is not a big issue in our case
> as we are in a Grid configuration situation but still its additional
> cost.
> 2.The TimesTen should run on the same machine as the application and
> be accessed using direct mode not client/server to maximise
> performance. This could be a problem but not in our case. This fact
> could force some upgrades to existing machinery in our case and the
> additional cost is a factor.
> I am more worried about issues with data table sizes. We have very
> large data tables. We are talking many millions of rows and hundreds
> of columns is very typical in a few of our temporary tables.
> Anyone had experience using Times Ten with very large Data Tables?
> 3. Users must optimize the Times Ten Database besides the Oracle
> Database.
> Most likely not a problem but still a learning curve.
> 4. No Procedure on the TimesTen Database at this point (release). This
> is a major issue, in my opinion, is there ways around this?
> What can I expect for speed improvements, 5X , 10X, 100X with Times
> Ten?
> I understand the advantage of moving things into memory and avoiding
> some of the I/O issues. Would I be better off adding an additional
> processor or another rack then more memory instead of adding the
> complexity of another piece of Software and machinery. Or even the
> possibility of a data warehouse and update tables on X amount of
> time.

Consultancy is $300 per hour.

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