Re: Re-design of data storage table

From: __Paul <>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 01:39:11 -0800 (PST)
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Well I can see that has got quite interesting in the last few days. Erland - thank you for being sensible and realistic with your response, it is appreciated.

I am not complaining that nobody else has come up with a better solution for me. Neither do I think that a few days of trawling the net without finding anything better means that there is not anything better. Believe me I have already put a lot of time into experimenting with different methods both on Oracle and SQL Sever. Also note that we're not all just bothered about improving our resume - some of us want to do a good job in the one that we are currently in, rather than already thinking about the next one.

What I meant by trawling the net and finding no better solution is that all I have found is negative feedback, snide remarks and generally people looking down upon me because I have asked a question with regards to EAV. A few people have posted helpful suggestions in this thread, but others just want to have a laugh and a joke without actually suggesting a viable alternative. I don't know whether I phrase things incorrectly but I am not looking for anybody to do my job for me, just asking for a few simple pointers, advice etc.

Up to now the advice has been run like hell, don't do it, ha ha you noob etc. Advice on an alternative approach would be more constructive. Or is the only alternative to have a table with as many columns as possible to support this?

Noons - the entire point of my thread is that I DO want to know better but I have not found anything.

Anyway, thanks to those that have contributed in a constructive rather than superior manner - I think this thread is probably dead!


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