Re: Re-design of data storage table

From: jgar the jorrible <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 09:43:25 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 26, 12:33 am, __Paul <> wrote:
> Nothing is impossible - it just requires a different method of
> fetching the required data. It can no longer be fetched as 1 row of
> data to display everything, rather for each 'header' row the result
> rows must be fetched separately and built up for display.

Next time you fill up a car with fuel, think about using a teaspoon and running over to where the tanker trucks fill up the station and stick your arm down there and scoop up as much fuel as you can, then run over to the car and put the fuel in. Iterate until full.

> Anyhow, after a few days trawling the net, and trying out various
> methods I can see that no-one can suggest a better solution to the
> problem. I am well aware of the pitfalls and the potential for future
> problems but I see no other way of implementing the required solution.
> It's not that I want to go down this route but it does appear to be
> the only solution.

Problem definition wrong.


-- is bogus.
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