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From: Erland Sommarskog <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 22:31:51 +0000 (UTC)
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__Paul ( writes:
> First off, thanks to everybody for their replies. As I mentioned
> earlier, I had already come up with a method of doing this but did not
> want to influence peoples replies. As it turns out it looks like I
> have come up with a modified version of EAV. I say modifed because
> rather than storing each attribute/value item in a single table I have
> a different table for each data type. Anyway, some responses below:

Not sure that I see the point with a different table per type.

However, you may find the data type sql_variant interesting, at least if you don't care about being portable. This type permits you to store the user-defined attributes in a single column, and you can still enforce the data type, so that you don't store a string for an attribute that is a data.

> Our domain is clinical data - the database is for a product and not
> for an in-house system. Therefore it is imperative that users can add
> their own attributes without having to modify the database schema
> itself. I would guess this does qualify as a special case.

Special case and special case, it's not uncommon to see questions on the newsgroup asking on how to implement customer-defined attributes. And there is not really any good solution, but you have to pick the one than that is the least evil in your case.

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