Re: oms problems

From: <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 07:55:56 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Feb 19, 4:57 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> On Feb 19, 11:23 am, Ben <> wrote:
> > aix 5.3 64bit
> > EM Repository DB
> > OEM 10g R3 Grid Control
> > Other than Doc id # 283327.1, which I'm not being affected by, does
> > anyone know why trying to start oms via a Putty connection to the
> > server would work on from the PC you used to install it and not
> > another? The mentioned doc id, has reference to $DISPLAY being hard
> > coded in a couple of files, but that isn't the case with our install.
> > Are there other config files that would have an IP address hard coded?
> > The problem was / is basically when I run
> > $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl start oms
> > all components except EM start and it times out on starting EM. If I
> > go to the old PC that I used to install OEM, it starts fine. I
> > compared the two environment setups and the only difference was the
> > variables used to store IP address and port information.
> You're going to have to dig through the confusing log files to figure
> it out.  emctl status can tell you where the log files are, or so it
> thinks.  Look elsewhere for files with those same names (like
> emoms.log and emoms.trc and emagent.log and emagent.trc and so
> forth).  Then look at ../config related to the log directories where
> you find those.
> My own experience, which is limited, is that it is near impossible to
> figure out, and sometimes simply reconfiguring it as the metalink docs
> suggest works, and sometimes it all goes to hell.  Sometimes you can
> get a clue from doing a diff of the old and new configs, and sometimes
> from the environment that appears in the complete directory names (by
> which I mean, see if there is db_1 and the node name and SID as part
> of the directory structure - perhaps you have some port config in one
> meant for the other - grep for both ports in all config directories).
> There may be some odd combination of dropping and recreating
> repositories and such necessary, I won't give more detail because it
> seems highly patch/version dependent.   I did have your exact symptoms
> on, minus the putty/IP possibility, plus having two
> very similar environments (same OH, different SID and ports).  Maybe
> support knows about it now... naw, you'll just get script-readers
> telling you to reconfigure, perhaps correctly most of the time.
> The configs act like they change by themselves at infrequent random
> times.  I'm probably just insane, sleep-reconfiguring or
> something.  :-)
> jg
> --
> is bogus.

I'm not talking about moving my install of OEM from on PC to another, I'm just using a different PC and using a Putty connection to the AIX server that has OEM installed on it. My emoms.log & .trc files are in OMS_HOME/sysman/log and the corresponding .conf files are in ../conf from there. I can't find any link to my old PC's IP or machine name though. Received on Fri Feb 20 2009 - 09:55:56 CST

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