Re: Which SQL is the best for servers?

From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 21:54:17 -0500
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Geoff Muldoon wrote:
> In article <gncr90$61p$>, Jerry Stuckle says...
>> Geoff Muldoon wrote:
>>> Jerry Stuckle says...
>>>> pg wrote:
>>>>> The server would run Linux or one of the BSD variant
>>>> You also missed DB2, SQL Server and several others.
>>> Scrap MSSQL Server as a candidate given the above O/S requirement.
>>> Geoff M
>>> Running 3 RHEL4 boxes in an Oracle RAC cluster, with web interfaces 
>>> (RHEL5/Apache/php) on separate VMWare ESX gear.
>> The OS should be picked based on the requirements of the database and 
>> rest of the system, not vice versa.

> In an ideal world, yes.
>> I'm not saying I'm recommending SQL Server (or any other RDBMS for that 
>> matter).  But determining the hardware and OS before the rest of the 
>> requirements are determined places artificial limits on the rest of the 
>> system.

> My comments were simply based on the OPs restriction on O/S. There may be
> valid non-ideal-world reasons for that restriction.
> Geoff M

More than just ideal world. The higher the requirements, the more important it is. And he has some pretty high requirements.

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