Re: Which SQL is the best for servers?

From: Terry Dykstra <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 00:31:11 GMT
Message-ID: <jznml.12657$PH1.4851_at_edtnps82>

"Geoff Muldoon" <> wrote in message
> Jerry Stuckle says...
>> pg wrote:
>> > The server would run Linux or one of the BSD variant
>> You also missed DB2, SQL Server and several others.
> Scrap MSSQL Server as a candidate given the above O/S requirement.
> Geoff M
> Running 3 RHEL4 boxes in an Oracle RAC cluster, with web interfaces
> (RHEL5/Apache/php) on separate VMWare ESX gear.

Sybase ASE should be on your list too.

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