Re: Which SQL is the best for servers?

From: blueparty <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 21:41:25 +0100
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pg wrote:
> I am involved with a SQL server project. The server would be used in a
> very heavy duty environment, with hundreds of thousands, if not
> millions of database enquiries per minutes.
> The server would run Linux or one of the BSD variant, with at least
> 32GB of RAM. We are not very certain of the hardware specs yet because
> we haven't decided on which SQL to use.
> I know that Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL are all designed for heavy
> duty uses.

Are you going to sell the final product as proprietary software ? MySQL might be tricky in that case. MySQL connectivity components (at leas JDBC) are GPL. That means your code must be GPL, too. If you want to sell a proprietary application that works with MySQL, customer needs to purchase MySQL server, as far as I understand. It might be difficult to explain why they need to pay for it, while they could download it for free.

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