Re: Which SQL is the best for servers?

From: The Natural Philosopher <a_at_b.c>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 07:41:57 +0000
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pg wrote:
> I forgot to add, other than Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, we are also
> considering Ingres.
> Is there any other SQL that you would recommend?
> Thank you !!
> PS. Although we prefer open-sourced programs, we definitely will pay
> for it !!

I did a bit with Ingres..and the guy we got in to work on it said 'its not Oracle though'

Oracle is the 'you wont get fired for buying it' standard. The best.

And I did some work with them as well. By and large a pretty professional outfit, and well used to major stuff ..

I would certainly be inviting a technical salesmen to your door from them to explain why you should buy their products and inviting him or her to comment on your design, and specify what hardware it would run on.

Look, if this is serious commercial code, forget open source. You want to pay for someone to fix stuff fast if it falls over.

The fact that you have to ask all this, almost says to me that open source wont be your friend here. Open source is for people who know what they are doing already..or are prepared to invest a lot of time and effort making it work.

I mean the reason that - say - Mysql wont tell you how many transactions a minute it can handle, is because most likely if that is a serious issue, you wont pick Mysql anyway! Received on Mon Feb 16 2009 - 01:41:57 CST

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