Re: RMAN restore to lower point release/different OS?

From: bob123 <>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 12:50:55 +0100
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you can export TTS only on EE
but you can import TTS on any edition

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> Michael Austin wrote:
>>> Both servers are 64bit database and little-endian, so it seems that in
>>> principle there shouldn't be an issue moving the files. I know that
>>> Oracle supports moving database files between VMS on Alpha and VMS on
>>> Itanium (I've successfully done that numerous times) but I'm not sure if
>>> the database running on Linux on Itanium makes a difference.
>> look at transportable tablespaces and/or logical standby.
> Thanks for the suggestion. I can't use transportable tablespaces as this
> is Standard Edition (sorry, forgot to mention that) and they're an EE only
> feature.
> I found that was recently released for VMS, so I've upgraded the
> VMS box to the same level as the Linux box, but the problem persists - I
> think it's time to declare this approach a dead.
> I'll work out an approach that uses export/import (or look at using
> another Linux server for DR purposes).
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