restore using rman

From: Anthony <>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 22:31:02 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>


I don't know if following is possible:

  1. restore all datafiles from a rman backup
  2. restore to the SAME server but to a different location
  3. during the restore, the existing production database is up and open all the time

The reason is because I got a request to restore a 200GB database. But I do not have a spare machine now to do a duplicate/cloning. I am not allowed to create another instance on the same box for the cloning. Is it possible at all?

I tried a small database and it works fine but when I use the production, I got the error:

un {
allocate channel ch1 type 'sbt_tape'
PARMS="BLKSIZE=262144,ENV=(CvClientName=svr-gis-db- p,CvInstanceName=Instance001)
set newname for datafile 'G:\ORACLE\ORADATA\GPRODP\DCSE_DATA.D03.DBF' to 'I:\oracle\backup\20091003\DCSE_DATA.D03.DBF'; restore datafile 21
until time = "TO_DATE('10/03/2008 05:00:00','MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS')" ;
release channel ch1;

The database is in open mode.
My intention is to restore the data file to a different location, leaving the production running and intact. I did a redirect and do not execute the switch command. But I got the error:

creating datafile fno=21 name=I:\ORACLE\BACKUP \20091003\DCSE_DATA.D03.DBF
released channel: ch1



RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 02/10/2009 17:53:44 ORA-01182: cannot create database file 21 - file is in use or recovery ORA-01110: data file 21: 'G:\ORACLE\ORADATA\GPRODP\DCSE_DATA.D03.DBF'

Any suggestion? Received on Sat Feb 14 2009 - 00:31:02 CST

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