Re: RMAN restore to lower point release/different OS?

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 17:19:00 -0600
Message-ID: <O72ll.17503$>

Malcolm Dunnett wrote:
> This is probably going to sound like a very weird thing to do, but
> please bear with me for a minute:
> I have an Oracle database running on RedHat Linux on an HP
> Itanium server. I'm playing around with the possibility of copying the
> database to a VMS 8.3 Alphaserver (for disaster recovery scenarios).
> I have a level 0 plus incremental backups of the database from the Linux
> server. I copied these files to the VMS server and used RMAN to do a
> "restore database". This ran with no errors (of course I had made sure
> that the VMS system had compatible logical names and directories to
> match the directory structure on the linux system) and restored all the
> datafiles from the level 0 backup.
> When I tried to "recover database" rman appeared to proceed successfully
> through the application of the incremental backups (ie restoring the
> changed blocks to the datafiles), it restored the first archived logfile
> to disk, but when it went to apply that file I got an ORA-00600 error
> [Kddummy_blkchk].
> One of the wrinkles is that the VMS server is currently running Oracle
> (Oracle hasn't yet released for VMS).
> I am able to open the database on VMS by doing a "STARTUP DOWNGRADE".
> When I check various schemas it appears that the data from the Linux
> database is present and correct (though possibly inconsistent because of
> the failure to apply the archived logfiles).
> I'm wondering if the ORA-0600 error is due to the difference in database
> versions or if there is something else wrong with my backup/restore
> procedure.
> Both servers are 64bit database and little-endian, so it seems that in
> principle there shouldn't be an issue moving the files. I know that
> Oracle supports moving database files between VMS on Alpha and VMS on
> Itanium (I've successfully done that numerous times) but I'm not sure if
> the database running on Linux on Itanium makes a difference.

look at transportable tablespaces and/or logical standby. Received on Thu Feb 12 2009 - 17:19:00 CST

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