Re: Why can't an RMAN job be edited in 10G dbcontrol?

From: Noons <>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2009 21:04:27 +1100
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GS wrote,on my timestamp of 7/02/2009 6:41 AM:

> I sold it back to the VW dealer I bought it off for about $200 less than
> what I bought it for (5800 C$)

Amazing how they hold their value well, ain't it?

> The new cars are impressive though like you said, my buddy had a 70
> Shelby GT350 that was a NICE car, I was talking to him the other day and
> he test drove a new Mustang and he said that even with the smaller
> horsepower etc. it would still run circles around the Shelby (but he'd
> sooner still have the Shelby!)

Shelbys are making a comeback here as well and it's most welcome.
My current one is what we call here a "turbo-taxi". In original name, a Falcon XR6 Turbo. Mad Max stuff. It's basically a souped-up 6-in-line with dohc 24 valve head, spinnable to 7k (which makes it sound like a F1), and a thumping huge electronically controlled turbo on top. All I had to do was change the control box, it's dial-a-power with these. Brakes are HD by brembo, tyres are as low profile as they look, suspension is as hard as rocks with a reinforced body to avoid shakes, the gearbox is a silky smooth ZF 6 sequential with power and normal auto settings for traffic. All the usual whistles: dynamic stability control, 4-channel ABS airbags all around, etcetc.
This is what it looks like:

With the electronic brain I got for it now, it's touching below 5.5 on the 0-60 dash, with a warmed up engine and hot rear tyres. Not bad for a production car below 50 grand Australian (around 28 grand US).

For 15 grand more, we can have this: aka, the F6 Typhoon. It's in my sights but I don't think her-indoors will allow me this kind of mid-life crisis! ;) This one can do low 5s in std delivery, with TLC goes under 5. And it's faster than their v8.
Man, exotics territory for under 40 grand USA: I love this country! Received on Sat Feb 07 2009 - 04:04:27 CST

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