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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 18:22:57 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 6, 4:46 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> On Feb 6, 2:03 pm, Mladen Gogala <> wrote:
> > On Fri, 06 Feb 2009 06:36:36 -0800, ddf wrote:
> > > Yet another offering from the Burleson camp of 'trust me I've been
> > > spelling Oracle for over 20 years and my words need no verification'.
> > > Buyer beware.
> > > David Fitzjarrell
> > David, no matter what your opinion of Don Burleson might be, I have
> > nothing but respect for Mike Ault. Rampant Books also published books
> > by very respected authors, like Mike Ault, Tim Hall and Arup Nanda.
> > Rampant Books is owned by Don Burleson and your opinion of him obviously
> > isn't very  good, but that doesn't mean that you should dismiss the
> > entire company and all the books it has published so far.
> > For instance, I have published a book for Rampant Books but I have no
> > affiliation with Don Burleson, I have never even met the man. Should
> That makes no sense.  If he is your publisher, aren't you affiliated
> with him?  Does he not send you checks?  Aren't some other people
> upset because he's abused this type of relationship?
> > my book be dismissed as a garbage just because it was published by
> > someone who you don't like? If yes, have you at least read it? I haven't
> > read  Mike Ault's book but I do have an enormous dose of respect for him,
> > based on his numerous books and articles. Whatever your problem with
> > Don Burleson might be, please take it with him, do not take it out on
> > the people who have nothing to do with your crusade against Burleson.
> I agree with your sentiment, judge the book not the publisher, but I
> also think less highly of, say, millions of people who say "kill all
> juice!" even if they might be nice people in the singular.  They would
> need to disavow that killing stuff _and_ the leadership involved.  So
> that means I respect your opinion and your book, but expect you to
> have hoof-in-mouth from lying with horses you have never met.  I
> respect David and his opinions, but a bit less from painting all those
> writers with the same brush.  But I also understand his point.  I have
> been repeatedly surprised by the depth of dislike for DKB by various
> people who have directly interacted with him professionally.
> Anyone can be a publisher these days, though to be a profitable one is
> another tin of fish.  Organizations with decent technical editing
> ought to be rated higher, and their authors ought to bask in the
> reflection of that.  The converse appears to be true, but there seems
> to be little relation between quality and success, perhaps even an
> inverse one.
> jg
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I've also said, any idiot can use a GUI. If you can do it by command line & queries and understand what you are looking at, then you have mastered the task.

So, I'm looking for a book on the internals that is not to cryptic.....Sounds like I will not find one.

To say ,"This is based on X$KSMSD and this in X$KSMSP....blah, blah.....

That means nothing to me unless one explains what those are and what the values represent..... Received on Fri Feb 06 2009 - 20:22:57 CST

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