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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 21:45:12 +0100
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> I'm new to Oracle and have a question for someone that I started
> trying to help out. They are using Oracle for a DB server and
> currently don't backup anything nightly or weekly. I'm sure there is
> a way to set Oracle up to Backup nightly to a file on the hard drive
> somewhere so that the backup software can back those database files up
> to tape. I would prefer not loading a backup agent like Symantec
> Veritas has because of the expense and usually running the DB backup
> utility and maintenance procedures tend to work quite well in a small
> environment. I currently have several SQL setups doing that without
> any DB Backup agent and am hoping to help him with the same type
> setup.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks.


If your database are small and not critical for normal production you can export it to a single file, old fashion export og for 10g datapump. I have several customers that use this as long they keep normal file backup and antivirus away from oracle, Oracle just run. (I still server Oracle 7.3.4 that I installede 12 years ago, and others and those have never had a breakdown)
Mission crital ->RMAN or agents.

a batch jo call a parfile

set oralce_sid=ORCL

exp -parfile=orcl.par

in your parfile


try exp help=y
avoid indexes or statistics

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