Re: Why can't an RMAN job be edited in 10G dbcontrol?

From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 09:54:36 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 5, 8:36 am, GS <> wrote:
> Charles Hooper wrote:
> > On Feb 4, 4:38 pm, GS <> wrote:
> >> Thanks JG and CH
> >> I was so caught up trying to do it via the GUI I forgot the obvious. I
> >> checked in RMAN prompt and my retention policy was the 3 days. I don't
> >> know why it isnt deleting them though, I'll change it to two days and
> >> see if it works tonight.
> >> One thing I forgot to mention was that I also wanted to tweak the script
> >> so that it didn't delete the archives after backing them up, I want to
> >> keep them around for a day or so so I can use them to bring clones up to
> >> date when I build clones from a user-managed online backup. I'll just do
> >> this from the command line though, I need to brush up a bit on the RMAN
> >> syntax anyway.

Yeah, I still don't quite get how to separate out redundancy of arcs from backups, but I have enough disk space for now to not really worry about it.

> >> btw, my opinion on dbcontrol is the same, I still think it stinks..
> > Noons,
> > Thanks for the assistance.
> > GS,
> > About 6 months ago I read the book "Oracle Database RMAN Backup &
> > Recovery" by Matthew Hart and Robert Freeman.  While the book was good
> > at explaining what makes RMAN tick, I personally found that the book
> > is actually a bit difficult to use when trying to implement a change.
> > The section on database cloning, for instance, is more difficult to
> > follow than Oracle's own "Backup and Recovery Advanced User’s Guide"
> > documentation on the same topic.  Maybe it is just me.  Recently I
> > have been reading "RMAN Recipes for Oracle Database 11g: A Problem-
> > Solution Approach" and have found that the book puts the necessary
> > information in the right places for accomplishing a task, although
> > there is a bit of over repeating in the book.  While the book states
> > that it is designed for Oracle 11g, there are output captures which
> > show that some of the sections of the book were written using Oracle
> > 10.2.0.x.  You might want to take a peek at "RMAN Recipes for Oracle
> > Database 11g: A Problem-Solution Approach":
> >

Thanks for that Charles, I've only poked around in the Freeman book for specific things, and generally think it's only me when I don't quite get something. It _seems_ well written. You might give him suggestions for improvement (he has a blog, contact info there I think, see oracle-l).

> > I believe that the above book states that, as space is needed in the
> > flash recovery area, those backups which are marked as obsolete are
> > removed automatically.  It may just come down to setting an
> > appropriate value for the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE parameter for the
> > backups marked as obsolete to be removed automatically (do not set
> > this value too low, and only change it after implementing the
> > suggestions offered by Noons).

And watch out if you have multiple instances sharing the space, an obvious thing I missed at first.

> > Check the above book to see if page 132 applies for you regarding the
> > archived redo logs.  The solution on page 145 seems to be an 11g only
> > solution.
> > DBControl will grow on you after a while.  The Oracle 9i style Java
> > based Enterprise Manager console is available on the 10g client CD,
> > and that Java based Enterprise Manager will also work with Oracle
> > and  But, there are some tasks which cannot be
> > completed with the Java based version which may be accomplished with
> > the web based DBControl (you will likely find those very quickly).
> > One further note:  Be careful which user you use to log into DBControl
> > when setting up the backups - make certain that you always use the
> > same user name.  It is a bit challenging sorting out problems when two
> > backup jobs with the same name are set to start at the same time
> > because those backup jobs were created under two different user
> > names.  Maybe that is only a mistake that I would make...  The
> > following SQL statement might be helpful if it happens to you also:
> >   JOB_NAME,
> >   END_TIME,
> >   MONTHS,
> >   DAYS
> > FROM
> >   EXPIRED=0
> > Charles Hooper
> > IT Manager/Oracle DBA
> > K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc.

That's good advice, I'm always forgetting about it due to arguments with manager who wants everything run under root (I don't, but wind up doing things "wrong") <sigh>.

> Thanks Noons & Charles
> good info, I'll keep a lookout for those books..
> I've been forcing myself to use RMAN for awhile now, my user managed
> backups have served me well but the databases are getting big and
> bloated enough now I thought RMAN was a better route.
> I usually install the java em when I do a 10G install, just because I
> like it better for taking a quick look at tablespaces etc., but they did
> cripple it like you said and move a lot of the functionality to
> dbcontrol. I do have to give grid control another go one of these days,
> I am getting a new desktop so that may be the time. I am tempted to go
> back to DBartisan for a multi-database front end though.

I'm trying to drink the kool-aid, it keeps making me barf.

> As far as cloning with RMAN, I find it great via the GUI when you are
> creating a clone on the same machine, but to go through the manual steps
> from RMAN command line I just find it so much simpler to take a user
> managed online backup, copy the datafiles over, recreate the control
> file and apply whatever archives you want and open it. I have it down to
> a batch file for some servers and its simple enough the (non-oracle)
> developers can update their db's this way. When I get GC up and running
> then I guess you can clone to other machines much the same as MSSQL can.
> Oracle could take a few lessons looking at MSSQL's gui for creating
> backup strategies, I know it's sort of an apples/oranges comparison
> since you are really only backing up a schema, but I find it far better
> than the 10G gui, and you can tweak it from the gui easily as well.
> cheers!
> ps. noons - I am still hoping to snag another 914 one of these years.. (
> I think it was you I had a discussion with about these some years ago)- Hide quoted text -

Just to make people wistful: (sorry the camera seems to have electronic spherical aberation issues).

Noons wrote:

> Guys don't scare me, please: got to get it going soon and this is *not* what I
> want to hear...

Imagine one of those movies that are taken on a handy-cam with spooky things in the forest... as produced by Bollywood...


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