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On Feb 3, 2:39 pm, newsqlman <> wrote:
> I'm new to Oracle and have a question for someone that I started
> trying to help out.  They are using Oracle for a DB server and
> currently don't backup anything nightly or weekly.  I'm sure there is
> a way to set Oracle up to Backup nightly to a file on the hard drive
> somewhere so that the backup software can back those database files up
> to tape.  I would prefer not loading a backup agent like Symantec
> Veritas has because of the expense and usually running the DB backup
> utility and maintenance procedures tend to work quite well in a small
> environment.  I currently have several SQL setups doing that without
> any DB Backup agent and am hoping to help him with the same type
> setup.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks.

There are a number of ways to do this, partly dependent on your platform and the Oracle version. One way is the dbconsole, it's set up for monkeys to push buttons, I personally think it's far too fragile for that no-DBA sort of site, but if you are used to the SQL/ GUI way of doing things, it's somewhat close.

You can setup rman scripts with simple backup commands and run them in .bat or crons. You probably don't want to worry about a backup catalog with a simple configuration, you can get most functionality from using the controlfile to store the backup information (it's called nocatalog when you go into rman).

But then again, RMAN is short for Recovery Manager, and no one has completed the job unless someone periodically tests recovery and that everything works.

There is a book by Robert Freeman that explains things well, and the docs aren't too bad, except for being overwhelming for a newbie. But they do have a Quick Start guide

Please note, logical backups are not good enough. Your first task is to learn how to search the doc set to find out what logical and physical backups are.

Shweta is exactly correct, but it's a bit much to ask for a newbie.

Here's a quick start guide for this group:


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