Re: an honest post about being an oracle ace

From: Noons <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2009 00:26:29 +1100
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Chen Shapira wrote,on my timestamp of 4/02/2009 2:08 PM:

> I guess it depends on specific experience. There are organizations
> that are very kool-aid prone, and there are some shops that still use
> Orace 7 technology (no matter which version they actually run), and
> new technologies could actually save them a lot of time and money.
> Personally I see a lot of value in at least evaluating new features.

Normal businesses run applications, not databases. Databases are just tools to an end, not the end itself.
IT businesses are different, but not all business is IT: far from it(!).

Have you ever considered that such places might use those versions because the applications that use those dbs are NOT supported in ANY later release, there is no immediate alternative and management are not even interested in finding one?

It's very easy to take the foolish perspective that use of an old release of necessity means incompetence or unwillingness to upgrade from the part of the IT folks in a normal business... That is indeed the hallmark of the low-life marketeer and at the level of car sales rep.

> I guess I'm too young to be cynical.

It's never too early to accept reality! ;)

> Ace is definitely not a variant on certs, and it is not peer-reviewed
> either (although you do get nominated by peers, Oracle eventually
> decides who is an ace and who is not). It will be interesting to see a
> peer-reviewed, community owned, technical award. However, I suspect
> that just like anything else that is community based, it'll be more
> who-you-know than what-you-know, and therefore even less valuable than
> certs.

And there is a difference between a who-you-know community based award and one unilaterally decided by whomever at Oracle, at their unique discretion, because...?

Sorry Chen but like I said, I think in your case it's well meant and I agree entirely and applaud it, so please do understand: no disrespect meant. But the whole ACE/OCP/whatever thing is just a sham of the highest calibre, always was, always will be. Received on Wed Feb 04 2009 - 07:26:29 CST

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