Re: Db crashed with no backups :confused:

From: Palooka <>
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2009 20:49:19 +0000
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Shakespeare wrote:
> Palooka schreef:

>> hpuxrac wrote:
>>> There's nothing wrong with people asking questions here. For better
>>> or worse there are no shortage of places where some/many of the dev
>>> databases have inadequate backup procedures.
>>> I don't see the OP noting that it was a production system with
>>> inadequate backup procedures.
>>> No reason in my opinion to be cutting here. We have had more than
>>> enough people ( fill in the blanks ) implying that others should be
>>> fired ... think about decaf perhaps?
>> No, it's not a production system. OP specifically stated as much.
>> What I said was that if it is important, it should be backed up. That
>> is just simple common sense.
>> Sorry if I sound irritable, but I am sick of posts which begin: "It
>> was a development system. We didn't back it up, but we do need it. How
>> do we restore/recover it?"
>> They should not be entrusted with the responsibility. And FWIW, I am
>> with Sybrand here.
>> Palooka
> For a development department, a development server *is* their production 
> system (what else do they *produce* ?)

I concur.

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