Re: dbca error

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 10:20:11 +0100
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Lookalike schreef:
> macmenco wrote:

>> Hello all,
>> I've been playing around with an 11g DB. I installed it on OEL 5.2 (no
>> updates / no subscription) and did a software only install. Then I
>> patched it to After that I wanted to create a starters
>> database, so I fired up DBCA, selected a General Purpose database and
>> said "Go !".
>> But half way through I got a "Disconnection Forced" message. After
>> doing some research/testing, the problem apears only in the templates.
>> Yes, also in the Datawarehouse template. The only way to create a
>> database, is a custom database. I searched metalink and only found
>> something suggesting I changed the blocksize to something different
>> then 8K. Well, I didn't. I even tried adding the template datafiles to
>> an existing DB and dumped the headers with "alter session set events
>> 'immediate trace name FILE_HDRS level 10';". The trace file tells me
>> it is 8K. I even tried copying the template again and dump again.
>> Still 8K.
>> Am I missing something, or is there a little bug in DBCA
>> ( ? Anybody got the same experience ?
>> Kind regards,
>> Menco
> Just a couple of small questions.
> Who uses dbca, other than the DBA 2s of which we hear so much these days?
> Does anyone still use sqlplus / as sysdba and create database blah, or 
> have we all been superseded?
> Palooka

Not being a DBA myself, I see a lot of DBAs in the "field" use DBCA. Some of them let DBCA create the script, and then change it by hand (most of them with VI!) to make it do exactly what they want it to do, like settings for pfile/spfile etc.

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